BSOC SKI TRIP 2013 : Day 1

A few months ago, just as I was in the mood for partying/going on camps and making new friends, BSOC invited me to their annual Ski Trip at Perisher. As soon as I saw the event, I was like 


I didn't care I have never been skiing before. I didn't care it was $625 (not including ski clothes, which I didn't have obviously). I didn't care about anything but the fact that IT'S CAMP. IT'S FREAKING UNI CAMP. AND I NEED THE EXPERIENCE UNI LIFE. 

So, I convinced Jeanne to go with me since she was the only one eager to go on camp like me. THEN, a few days later, it hit me that going on this trip was probably a bad idea.
1) 600 bucks. Fuck. That's like an astronomical amount for camp. I could afford it, sure, but WHY SHOULD I??
2) Skiiing. Fuck. I've never skiied before, and added to the price it just seemed stupid for me to go.
However, Jeanne had already paid her deposit and I'd be the world's worst friend if I backed out, so I decided to go. Screw life. Just make impulsive decisions and deal with the consequences later, yeah?

On Monday, I left for Epping station with my luggage and bags and shit. I had to take the freaking bus because dad was in America and mum was at work. *sigh* Anywayyyy I met up with Jeanne and Lana at Epping (I gave Lana the books she wanted) and we headed off to take the train to Uni. Jeanne and I were never close in highschool; we had our own circle of friends and spoke to each other occasionally, but we weren't tight. On the train there we talked heaps from friends to Uni to just random things and it was heaps of fun! Once we arrived at Central, we saw all these Asians (Legit- ASIAN INVADING CENTRAL) mingling with friends and other people going on the ski trip - it seemed like EVERYONE had their own groups already and I was like O____O HOW THE FUCK AM I GOING TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS?!!!?? Jeanne and I were legit the only two who weren't part of a huge group. I then started freaking out inside that I wouldn't make new friends and this whole trip would just be pointless :/

The bus ride to Jindabyne was actually both amusing and boring. Jeanne and I sat at the back since we were the last on the bus and there were no more seats. Within 5 minutes, the bus stopped at a bottle shop so all of us Uni kids could stock up on alcohol and party till sunrise every night. Yeah...this is Uni life. They encourage us to drink! hahahahah It was at the bottle shop that Jeanne and I met the other girls in our cabin - Angela, Ellen, Jennifer, Sameen. We spilt the cost of the bottle we got (I honestly have no idea what we bought and frankly, I don't even think we drank it during the entire 4 days of the ski trip!) 

Back on the bus, the guys in the back row asked Jeanne and I if it would be okay to swap seats. Jeanne immediately bursted out YES but as soon as I heard the guy ask, I knew they had an ulterior motive (though honestly, I'm not sure anymore). It seemed to me they were trying to set Jeanne up with the guy  sitting next to her but both were reluctant to talk to one another and in the end, the guy just slept and Jeanne and I talked for the first few hours. I found out so much about Jeanne during the bus ride! I had no idea she was so passionate about film! And she even writes the occasional film review whenever she feels there's something to say! I could relate to her in that aspect since I feel the same towards books; I started my blog so I could get my views and thoughts out there, and whenever someone read my review/commented, i was ecstatic! It's the warmest feeling ever when someone genuinely likes your review/ takes the time out of their busy lives to read it and comment :) Anyway, on the bus, there was this group who were playing charades or "Heads Up"?(Ellen's  app) and quiet honestly, I found them pretty loud. But, I was never annoyed since they genuinely looked like they were having so much fun and I was a little envious :P hahahhahah I later found out the rowdy group were the girls in my cabin/the girls who I would've shared a cabin with if Jeanne and I hadn't swapped cabins with 2 girls! Small world :)) I met the others briefly - Joane, Connie, Margaret, Aditi and Sonia!

Nothing much happened that night...we were all exhausted after the road trip (we arrived after 12:30 since the driver had to take an alternative route due to some accident occurring earlier in the day causing the main route to be blocked.) Everyone slept at around 3, and we decided we'd ask the other 3 seniors who were in our cabin to swap with the other group so all 11 of us could party all night long in our cabin! HA! OH and the group next door were partying all the way till morning..and we could legit hear them word for word through the wall. They were saying something about..inhaling...or...exhaling.. *cough*weed*cough*. 

hehehee anyway I only got 2.5 hours of sleep since my alarm clock went off at 5:30 the next morning!



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