My love for cliched TV Shows

A few days ago I finished watching Orphan Black, the most incredibly show on the planet. Okay, maybe not, but I LOVED it! After I finished, I was almost sucked into a TV show hangover but I luckily escaped. I watched the pilot of Hannibal but couldn't even finish the entire episode. Then, I tried Teen Wolf. Now, you see, I wouldn't usually watch something as cliched sounding as this particular show; I'd read about it/heard about it on Twitter and I knew it was one of those oh-my-gosh-please-kill-me-this-is-so-cliched sort of show and having survived the painfully annoying romance in teen paranormal shows/books (Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Fallen) where the two main leads literally fall in love within 3 days of meeting each other, I knew I should have run the other way regarding Teen Wolf. 



Okayokay, so I'm not a fan of the romance aspect (like seriously, I swear Scott was delaring his undying LOVE for Allison, like 2 weeks after she transferred to Beacon Hills HS), but the paranormal part? EPIC.

And it helps that there are so many eye candy in the show!!!!!<3

Look at those hot fangs and sexy bright red eyes. Can you resist him? 

OMGGGG You'll NEVER see this between Stiles and Derek in the show (Or maybe their bromance developed in season 3?? hahahhaa) but THIS IS SOOOO FUCKING CUTEEEEE<3 Dylan O-Brien and Tyler Hoechlin <333

So ummm yeahh, as you can see, I obviously have a thing for Derek. NOT MY FAULT HIS MYSTERIOUS AND COLD PERSONALITY IS SO IRRESISTIBLE!!! And his abs~~ HOLY SHIT. There are all these scenes of him working out - INCLUDING ONE HANDED PUSH UPS. Shit *fans self* Soooo sexy<3

I found this pic on Tumblr...THIS IS SO STILES!!! Stiles has shot up on my list of favourite characters; he's the most hilarious person ever!

Stiles: *types away on laptop*
Peter: *peers at laptop* His (Scott's) username is Allison..?
His password is also Allison..?
Stiles: D'you still want him in your pack?
Peter: *rolls eyes, clenches jaw* 


And let's not forget the beautiful Jackson<3

Danny: "How many times do I have to tell you, you're not my type"
Jackson:  " FYI, I'm everyone's type"
Jackson may be an asshole most of the time, but I still love this narcissistic dude!

hehehhehe I think that'll be all my hyperventilating for now. I have to take a shower, then...start worrying about my ski trip again *sigh* Why did I make such an impulsive decision?? Decide and pay first, deal with consequences later. Yep, that's me. Now I'm so screwed for skip trip. 


~Shirley xx


  1. I absolutely LOVE Dylan O’Brien he is so funny, and cute, and hot all at the same time. I don’t know how he does it but he does. I mean that show is created for obviously very hormonal teenager including myself.



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